QSE: Quality control and development

The Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics (AEC) follows quality control and development (QSE) goals. All strategic actions and decisions of the directorate and the scientific board, which is also responsible for the QSE, the organization of the center and the scientific work of the researchers and staff follow clear regulations and QSE measures.

Typical examples for QSE activities at the AEC are

  • its external scientific advisory committee,
  • regular evaluation of lectures and courses,
  • regular plenary meetings of all AEC members,
  • yearly evaluation of the AEC performance and strategy discussions with the rectorate,
  • detailed evaluation and report towards the end of each contract period,
  • and dedicated funds for equal opportunity measures.

QSE at AEC is in line with the general QSE concept of the University and follows a periodic feedback structure. Based on AEC's general strategy, a variety of scientific, educational and administrative goals are defined. In order to decide to what extent these goals have been met, specific indicators are determined as a quality measure in the processes of evaluation. Based on the evaluation results, appropriate corrective actions are taken, and, if necessary, the strategy is adapted accordingly.