Equal Opportunity Measures of the AEC

The Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics (AEC) ensures the equal treatment of all of its employees and helps to advance the scientific careers of its members. The concrete measures aim at facilitating the participation at conferences for AEC scientists with children, respectively cover part of the additional costs of visiting scientists of the AEC Visitors Program who for family reasons have to bring along their children. Additionally, an open call for proposals for equal opportunity money is planned which will be treated on an individual basis.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to the equal opportunity coordinator (Susanne Reffert). Regular support requests will be decided by the coordinator, special requests by the WA.

Equal Opportunity Measures
Financial Contribution
Coverage of additional childcare costs during conferences.


All AEC members with children up to age 12. Max. 1'200 Fr. per conference, max. 1'200 Fr. per person per year. The conference attendance needs to be attested and the extra costs documented.
Contributions to researchers of the AEC Visitor Program traveling with family.


Visiting scientists of the AEC Visitors Program traveling with children up to age 12.


Contributions to travel expenses, depending on the length of stay.
Open call for proposals for equal opportunity money (e.g. contributions towards extra child care days/coverage of replacements for teaching or lab work, coverage of coaching or course).


AEC members with children or other care duties (e.g. caring for family members), young female academics.


Treated on individual basis. A written proposal must be submitted.