AEC Particle Trail

Information on each particle in the Standard Model

The Standard Model of Particle Physics describes all elementary particles and forces in Nature. The particle trail presents all particles through physical plates. These where located along the railing of the Grosse Schanze during September and October 2022 in the context of the Nacht der Forschung 2022. We are currently in the process of finding a permanent location.

On this page you can find information for each particle.

This page is still in the making. Pages for some of the particles might not contain content yet. We are looking forward to fill this page with life in the near future. :)

You find links to all the particles below the project plate explaining the concept:

Project Sign at Grosse Schanze

This project is an AEC collaboration between people in the ITP and LHEP.
Main responsibilites go to Laura Franconi, Lea Halser, Frederic Noël and Michele Weber.