AEC Plenary Meeting 2017

The AEC Graduate Student Seminar takes place as a part of the AEC Plenary Meeting in the dome room / Kuppelraum (501) in the main building.

Program AEC Plenary Meeting, Wednesday 24. May 2017
 Time Speaker
09:15 Antonio Ereditato
Status of AEC
09:30 Florian Piegsa New Searches for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment
10:00 Susanne Reffert
Understanding gauge theories with D-branes
10:30   Coffee Break
11:00 Simone Bifani
Search for New Physics with b -> s ll decays at LHCb
11:30 Javier Virto
Are we on the verge of Discovery? Status of the B-decay anomalies
12:00 Antonello Miucci
Novel pixel detectors for ATLAS and medical applications
12:30   Lunch break
14:15 Monika Hager Automated transverse momentum resummation
14:45 Damian Goeldi LArTPCs: from new ideas to physics results
15:15   Coffee Break
15:45 Jason Aebischer 1-loop matching of dimension-six operators for B-decays
16:15 Gabriele D’Amen Search for top squarks in events with a Higgs boson recorded by ATLAS
 16:45   Apéro